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Games Emblem & Slogan

Introducing the Games Emblem and Slogan for the Aichi-Nagoya 2026 Asian Para Games

Games Emblem

Games Emblem

Emblem Objectives

I intended to collaborate with the Aichi-Nagoya 2026 Asian Games by using the design components of the Games emblem and expressed the burning passion of Para athletes in warm colors.
This emblem also represents the continuity of the passion, which will continue from the Aichi-Nagoya 2026 Asian Para Games to future Asian Para Games.

Emblem Creator

Mr. Hiroshi Miyashita

Born in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture / Completed the Design course of the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Aichi University of the Arts
Graphic designer
Prize at the International Poster Triennial in Toyama 1997/2009
Jury Prize (selected by Osamu Fukushima) at the Delicious Tohoku Package Design Competition 2017, etc.

Games Slogan

Games Slogan

Slogan Objectives

Hoping that you can imagine the passionate feelings of each and every Para athlete standing on the field through the slogan and that everyone will unite their minds during the Games by encouraging them to imagine such feelings, I have developed and designed these words.

Paired with the slogan of the Aichi-Nagoya 2026 Asian Games, “IMAGINE ONE ASIA,” these words further deepen its meaning.

Slogan Creator

Ms. Waka Sakamoto

Copywriter / Representative of Cotori LLC

Major works include “Ikuze, Tohoku” (East Japan Railway Company) and “Karada ni, Peace. Calpis” (CALPIS Co., Ltd.). Sakamoto also originated the name of the electronic money card “WAON” (AEON Retail Co., Ltd.) and has experience creating catchphrases, slogans, and product names for numerous other companies.

Process of Selecting the Games Emblem and Slogan

The Games emblem and slogan were created based on the concept of “Taking the opportunity of the Aichi-Nagoya 2026 Asian Para Games to communicate a new direction for an inclusive society and Para sports from Aichi-Nagoya” while taking into account the opinions of Para athletes and university students in the prefecture. Based on collaborative discussions with the Creation Review Committee and the Aichi-Nagoya 2026 Organizing Committee, the Selection Committee narrowed down the candidates for the emblem and slogan to one each, for which the final decision was made by the Executive Board of the Organizing Committee.